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East Haddam Views

EH Street View.jpg (77388 bytes) East Haddam Center in the early 1900s. The meat market (right) is just to the left of where Williams Chevrolet is today. Another view of East Haddam center, this one from 1910. The picture was likely taken from the Gelston House porch.
Road Scene EH 1929.jpg (199891 bytes) 1929 East Haddam road scene. Main St., East Haddam looking south.
An 1836 woodcut by John Warner Barber, looking at East Haddam from across the river. Champion House EH.jpg (95263 bytes) Champion House, 1914
Shipbuilder/banker William Goodspeed opened his theater in 1877 on the river bank. People came by boat, horse buggy and train to see the shows. Many came to Goodspeed's Opera House by steamboat, from as far as Boston and New York. Note the Opera House behind this wrecked steamer.
William Goodspeed 's palatial residence in 1914. Goodspeed Plaza in 1918. The front columns of William Goodspeed's residence are visible on the right, now the site of the town offices.
The Haddam-situated railroad station that serviced the large Moodus and East Haddam tourist trade. Now the Goodpeed's Station gift shop. Hotel Swan & Bank 1908.jpg (131902 bytes) 1908 view of the Hotel Swan & Bank building, which now houses the Gelston House.
Snake oil was among the goods for sale in Julius Attwood's country store. This 1878 Gelston House menu featured venison, turkey, roast pig, beef, fried oysters and chicken pie.
EH Village School.jpg (100840 bytes) East Haddam village school. Chester_Ferry_1948.jpg (95293 bytes) A 1948 view of the Chester/East Haddam ferry.
The Bank of New England, like other banks in the 19th century, issued its own currency. Local people and places decorated the bank notes. Click on the $1, $2, or $5 note to see a larger version.